Dollhouse Showroom

Dollhouse Showroom

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dakine / Nikita Flash Dance Party Goes Wild!

On November 27th Dakine and Nikita hosted an 80’s themed Flashdance party at the Garibaldi Lift Company in Whistler. The event kicked off with a BANG as the venue

reached capacity with over two hundred and fifty people ready to wind it up.

The scissors were out and going wild to cut up the finest of flash dance looks complimented by sassy leg warmers. With our friend Jenna Henderson on the make up stand, she worked her magic to transform party goers in true Flashdance style. Crispon Cannon was behind the lens capturing some of the nights best moments before and after the hour long dance instruction from professional dancer Dana Madder.

People flooded the dance floor to shake, jump, squat and rock to the 80’s tunes being spun by DJ Chili.

Stay tuned for the next dance event near you!